Convertible loan agreement (English)

-- For founders, investors and their advisers --

Dutch law governed Convertible loan agreement (CLA) in English between the company as borrower and one lender. The CLA contains customary clauses market practice for the Netherlands. It is sophisticated and capable of serving your deal no matter its size.

The CLA assumes that the borrower is a Dutch private company with limited liability (besloten vennootschap). Lenders can be of any nature and may also include private individuals.

Terms of this document configurable to your needs include:

  • Details of the parties
  • Optionality for a one-off loan or a series of loans
  • Loan specifics, e.g. amount and interest rate
  • Clauses with respect to conversion into shares
  • Subordination of the loan(s)
  • Most Favoured Nation clause
  • Dispute settlement

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