Shareholders resolution resignation/appointment (Dutch)

-- For sellers and their advisors --

Shareholders resolution to be adopted outside of a meeting in Dutch for the resignation and appointment of managing and supervisory directors of a Dutch limited liability company or public company.

Terms of this document configurable to your needs include:

  • Number of shareholders
  • Type of resigning director
  • (Non-)existence of a supervisory board
  • Effective date of the resignation
  • Replacement of the resigning director

For the purpose of this shareholders resolution it is assumed that the Company does not apply the large companies regime (structuurregime) and that, other than the shareholder(s) to be included, no persons with meeting or voting rights exist.

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Generate the accompanying director resignation letter in Dutch here.

Resignation of directors is usually agreed upon in the shares sale and purchase agreement (SPA) for the transaction. Our seller friendly SPA in English can be found here.

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